Based on current estimates of life expectancy, I have
... days left to live.


I've got a lot of work to do.

Here's what I've accomplished so far.


Before startups were a thing and tech companies actually had to make money, I cut my teeth doing development for the original Medium. Medium was a client-focused dev and design shop in Chattanooga, TN. While there, I worked on a range of interesting and challenging client projects, from an early skype competitor's web app to a municipal fiber company's online enrollment and web-based TV channel guide.

Eventually, that client work paved the way for internal product development, and I helped launch multiple consumer-facing products, including Markup and Showoff.


Most of the original Medium crew took different paths, but a few of used started a new shop — 50 East. We did client work for some big names like HP and Google Ventures and again used that to fund the development of our own products

Forward was a tool for sharing local development sites live to anyone online using a custom tunneling protocol we developed to run over web sockets. Our unique approach allowed us to have a chrome extension that was easy for users to understand and didn't require a standalone app or terminal window.

Torpedo was a utility for sharing files and notes that would disappear after access or a predetermined period of time. This feature later became integrated into various tools such as DropBox and 1Password — I'd argue we did it first.


As 50 East ran its course, a new opportunity presented itself. With my experience designing, building, and launching products, I was offered a position at OpenTable. OpenTable was looking to expand from restaurant reservation space to the casual waitlist market, and my team was tasked with greenfielding and prototyping a waitlist experience.

Once we finished early discovery and prototyping, the waitlist project was moved to the primary product teams. We were transitioned to a new project — rethinking the OpenTable concierge experience. We prototyped, flew to New York City to do user research and testing with multiple hotel concierge, and continued building and developing the new experience.


Priceline Group had a rough year and OpenTable was forced to shut down some offices. Unfortunately, our office was one of those. We all had offers and opportunities, but I decided to do my own thing again.

I took a side project that I'd built for a friend and turned it into a company called WorkWeek. WorkWeek was selected to be part of Y Combinator's first online startup school and Chattanooga's local incubator CoLab.

I learned a lot with WorkWeek but ultimately shut it down in 2019 due to lack of growth and the standard startup struggle stuff. When it ended we had developed a simple yet powerful web app and a hybrid native app that we launched in the the Apple app store. It had job management, scheduling, invoicing and estimates, payment integration with Stripe, automatic job feedback and google review requests, an easy-to-use email marketing tool, and a self-managing website.


After WorkWeek, I did a few client projects that I can't talk about yet, but also began experimenting with mobile development again.

It had been a while since I built something for myself, so I got a little carried away — I launched three apps in the app store.

Grains, Shooting Light, and Patterns were all designed and built by me in 2021.


Having my first child was life-changing, and having spent most of my career working on my own projects/companies, I decided it was time to settle down and find a stable gig.

I wanted to find a flexible and low-stress job, but I also wanted something challenging. I found that at Wahoo Fitness. I really liked that Wahoo has hardware, firmware, and software working together. I also enjoy the variety of work we get to do — my team is at the center of everything, and we support and deliver for most of the company.

I've also

Released a bunch of open-source projects, contributed to Ruby on Rails, published a few blog posts, snapped some pictures, remodeled two houses, and helped populate the earth with a perfect little human.